Master Magician Crafting Unforgettable Moments for Weddings and Corporate Events!

Looking for entertainment for a wedding, corporate event or private party?

Want everyone to have a great time without getting stressed planning everything?

Finding an entertainer everyone will like can be a nightmare...

And even when you do, how does it work!?!?


Is there a set-up required, like a stage? 

Can you trust them to turn up?

Do they know what they are doing? 

Weddingl magician Greg Holroyd performing a special performance for the lucky couple on their special wedding day!

Whether you are planning a wedding, party or corporate event...


You don't want it to end up being another boring gathering where everyone leaves early... 


This is why booking an amazing magician is crucial.


Guests will thank YOU for organizing the best party of the year!

Corporate Magician Greg Holroyd performing for a VIP event at OHM Bar, Sheffield

Check out our showreel below:

Great... But what makes you different as a corporate & wedding magician?


We have been helping wedding couples & event organisers plan their events for over a decade.


You can rely on this expert magician to handle the entertainment aspect...


So you can focus on other important planning elements & relax knowing everyone will have an awesome time! 

Yorkshire Wedding Magician with couple on their wedding day

"Now, I’m quite a cynic when it comes to magic tricks, but this young man was actually amazing – he turned a big stack of cards in my hand to glass – I honestly have no idea how he managed that!"

-Amy Byard


Walk-around magic is popular due to its simplicity.


We turn up, get out our magic props then proceed to mingle with your guests at the event...


Of course, whilst blowing their minds with interactive magic inches away from their face!


Stand-up/Stage magic is provided for events where a stage is available where you would like a full show... 


All shows are written to be super fun, with lots of interaction with the audience to experience magic whilst crying with laughter!

Corporate Magician Greg Holroyd performing for a VIP event at OHM Bar, Sheffield

Bespoke Entertainment  

We introduce unexpected magic moments throughout the celebration, 


Leave your guests talking about your event for YEARS to come!


With personalised touches, tricks & performances that reflect your story!


Helping add a unique and sentimental element to your special event.

Wedding Magician Greg Holroyd with couple on their special day

Ahhhh!! Can you believe it! We finally made it! Thank you so much for being AMAZING Greg! You were fab and we’re so glad you enjoyed being involved! We would 100% recommend you if anything comes up! You’re SO talented and just fantastic at what you do, can’t thank you enough for spending our wedding day blowing people’s minds!”

- Sammi & James Turner

Simple booking process

Most people believe organising your event should be stressful and time-consuming… This isn't the case at GH Magic!


We make the booking process easy & straightforward and can be done around your typical day.


No confusion...

No unwanted surprises… 

No worries!


We are here to guide you every step of the way...


Leading up to and on the day of the event make sure everything goes smoothly!

This is the reality when you find a magician who cares about your dream event.

Corporate magician Greg Holroyd Live Reactions

Are you ready to turn your private party or wedding into an extraordinary experience?

Ask us how a magician can WOW your guests by getting in touch TODAY!

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