AMAZING wedding magician makes your special day fun & unforgettable?

People say the wedding should be all about the bride and groom, right? WRONG! 


Yes, it's about celebrating the couple's love for each other...


But you also want your friends and family to have an amazing experience too!

Yorkshire Wedding Magician with couple on their wedding day

But there is already so much to organise finding a venue, dresses along with a million other things...


And of course, ENTERTAINMENT! 


You want to find something that will suit all of your guests, different backgrounds & ages...


Someone with experience & who is reliable to help maintain a smooth flow of events... 


Keeping energy levels high with no dull moments throughout your special day. 

Amaze your friends are your wedding with unforgettable magic memories!

This wedding trick guarantees couples can relax & enjoy every moment of their day...


Without worrying if their guests are happy and having the time of their lives!


But booking a wedding magician will take away from the bride & groom… This is far from the truth at GH Magic!

Wedding Magician Greg can break the ice when your guests arrive for the evening reception!

We tailor our magic so it's like hiring a guest whose job is to ensure everyone is having an awesome time!


Finding the perfect magician for YOUR special day will help create unforgettable memories for your guests...


All done in the background without taking the spotlight away from the lucky couple!

Wedding magician performs unbelievable magic inches away from you face leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime!

You and your guests will have an unforgettable wedding day with magic memories

BEWARE!!! Hiring inexperienced suppliers with no testimonials can cause huge headaches on the day of the wedding!


Check out some of Greg's happy wedding couples' feedback below:

“Thanks so much for making our wedding truly unforgettable! The whole day was magical and it was fitting you brought a touch of true magic to our day! Our guests all commented on how much they enjoyed your contribution and you truly captivated them all! The magic show for us at the end was the icing on the cake.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you for weddings, or indeed any other event for a touch of sparkle and fun.” - Amy & Mark Campbell

If you want a stress-free wedding planning experience get this magician to take care of the entertainment, leaving you to enjoy your wedding!

Wedding guests howling with laughter after witness miracles performed by wedding magician Greg Holoryd!

Why having a magician for your wedding is one of the best decisions you can make?

Break the ice and bring people together with interactive magic,


Performances that encourage guests to interact and share their amazement, 


Creating a lively and fun atmosphere at your wedding

Professional wedding magician Greg performing magic for the lucky couple during their photographs!

You and your guests will have an unforgettable wedding day with magic memories


Magic photo opportunities with visually stunning tricks that will be cherished in your wedding album FOREVER!


This style of entertainment appeals to guests of all ages...


A versatile magician, mind reader, and pickpocket will engage and delight both young and old!

Greg steals phones, wallets, belts, ties & watches! But it’s OK this wedding magician is a gentlemen thief and returns everything :D

When is the best time to have a wedding magician on YOUR special day?

1. During the PHOTOGRAPHS!


This can be the most boring part of the day for guests not involved,


Which is why it's great to have a magician mix & mingle to keep guests entertained.


PLUS these photos will make great additions to your wedding album!

Wedding magician is the perfect ice-breaker to bring families and friends together!



Your guests won't know everyone on their tables so bringing groups together with close-up magic is perfect...


Everyone will be talking to each other by the time we perform for the next table.


This eases the pressure when putting together a table plan...


After the speeches work too as there is often a lull period before evening guests arrive.

Family-friendly entertainment that perfect for any wedding day!

3. The start of the EVENING RECEPTION. 


Yes, you will likely have a DJ or band for the evening but we can still help during this time!


People are often standing around and looking to be brought into the group...


Which is something magicians are very good at doing!

When you look across the room and see your guests having fun with the wedding magician :)

Elevating your wedding to magical heights!

You will experience the expertise of someone who has over a decade of experience with weddings.


A simple, easy booking process with no hidden costs or confusing terms & conditions.


You will know EXACTLY what is happening so you can focus on other elements leading up to the big day!

Wedding Magician Greg Holroyd with couple on their special day

If you're dreaming of a wedding that stands out from the rest...


Then Greg is the fun & unique magician that will make your day truly unforgettable!

Wedding magician Greg Holroyd will blow your mind and leave you and your guests crying with laughter!

"Greg performed his unbelievable magic at our wedding after we were amazed by his talents on a night out in Leeds. My friend was telling me on the night about a magician that he saw at a wedding on the night and I dismissed it - I pictured rabbits out of hats and balls up sleeves.


We bumped into Greg in a bar and he blew us all away; I asked for his card as soon as he'd finished and contacted him on the train home to Donny. It was much of the same on our wedding day: he was the perfect talking point for our guests during the long periods between the ceremony and food/speeches and then from the food/speeches to the evening's music. He left people totally bewildered with his talents - many of our friends are still talking about some of the things that he did and 'how?'.


He has a very personal, humorous approach to his magic and, along with our photographer & band, we felt that out of everything that we booked for the day was the best value for money. He's the perfect way to break the ice and add an extra touch of awesome to your day."

- Andy & Sammi

Wedding guests having fun with magician Greg Holroyd

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